Ask most agents what investment properties they have and more often than not, they will show you a property based on the purchase price and not the return. As an investor your Return on Investment or ROI should be your first consideration.

Buying an investment property is very different to simply buying a property to rent out. The process is the same but the result can be very different. With so many influencing factors it can be difficult knowing where to start. Even a seasoned investor may not be aware of current market conditions or trends in the Nottingham private rental sector.

Here at Express Sales and Lettings we recommend that you discuss your requirements with our Investment Specialist. In addition to answering any questions you may have, he can provide you with a general overview of the market from an investor’s perspective. As an active investor himself, Mark has also helped many clients on their property journey whether buying a single property or growing a portfolio.

He will be able to discuss the various areas, what type of property to buy, the market demand, tenant profile, rental figures and advise you on approximate costs should a property require work. If you are new to investing he can also discuss or offer suggestions and advice on your overall investment plan such as whether you wish to invest for capital growth or extra income, to build capital or to hold the property long term.

Speak to any Agent about investment properties and then make an appointment to see our Investment Specialist. You will then appreciate the difference between an Agent paid to sell properties and one that invests himself